Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Centy Awards

By Kevin Hunsperger & Chad Smart
@my123cents on Twitter

Every year, we here at My 1-2-3 Cents sit down and do our own little end-of-the-year awards show.  Sometimes we agree on the winners, but most of the time we don't.  One thing we both agreed on, 2013 was a rather blah year in the world of wrestling.  Chad and I explain all of our choices toward the end of this From the Rafters Radio Podcast. Click here to listen. Without further ado, here are Kevin and Chad's picks for the 2013 Centy Awards.

Wrestler of the Year:
Kevin: Daniel Bryan
Chad: Daniel Bryan

Most Hated:
Kevin: Stephanie McMahon (the character)
Chad: Randy Orton

Most Underappreciated:
Kevin: "Gentleman" Jervis Cottonbelly
Chad:  Logic

Most Overrated:
Kevin: Big Show
Chad: CM Punk
Breakout Star of the Year:

Kevin: Summer Rae
Chad: Goldust 

Show of the Year:
Kevin: Raw after Wrestlemania
Chad: SummerSlam

Star on the Horizon:
Kevin: Adrian Neville
Chad: Enzo Amore 

Female of the Year:
Kevin: AJ Lee
Chad: AJ Lee

Best Use of Social Media:
Kevin: Chuck Taylor (@SexyChuckieT on Twitter)
Chad: Chuck Taylor (Chu

Biggest Fall From Grace:
Kevin:Dolph Ziggler
Chad: TNA 

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