Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Isn't That Special?

Triple H lays down the law
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

It's probably been addressed somewhere, but I have to ask because I haven't seen a definitive answer.  First, the Chief Executive Officer of the WWE, Vince McMahon, announces that Brad Maddox will be the special guest referee for the main event of SummerSlam 2013.  Within a matter of moments, Triple H, the company's Chief Operating Officer, entered the ring and delivered a pedigree to Maddox.  He then declared himself the special guest referee.  An angered McMahon waved his hands and exited the ring.

This is the part I don't understand.  Most (and maybe that's the key word) corporations are run by the CEO.  The COO would be the second in command, but clearly that wasn't the case in this latest installment of Raw.  I know applying logic to wrestling sometimes shouldn't even be attempted.  I suppose that is the case in the power structure/struggle currently going on in the WWE.

Cena, Triple H, and Bryan
Photo courtesy: WWE
With Triple H (as of Tuesday afternoon) still the ref for SummerSlam, I have to wonder if there's going to be some sort of LA Screw Job.  I really hope this match remains on the up and up (as much as a wrestling match can be) and McMahon doesn't get involved too.

I don't like repeating rumors, but I've heard this one several times and I hope it's not true.  This current battle between McMahon and Hunter is leading to a Triple H-"Stone Cold" Steve Austin match at Wrestlemania.  The two would be battling for control of the WWE with Austin working for McMahon.  I think most of us can agree this should not happen, and like I said as of right now it's merely a rumor.

My other concern with Triple H as the ref is that it's going to overshadow what is likely to be an excellent match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan.  It's no doubt Bryan's biggest match to date and could potentially be one of Cena's best outings.  This pissing match between Vince and Trips really doesn't need to take the forefront.  Of course there's also the Randy Orton Money in the Bank briefcase factor too, but I've already been negative enough in this blog.

My vow today was to write a positive post, but I have failed at that.  I'm in a pissy mood anyway, so this just feels good to do some more venting.  Way Back WhensDay will be positive tomorrow, I promise.

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  1. I think they saw how Daniel Bryan grew his first initial blast of support on the heals of that awful match with Sheamus at WM way back when, and they are hoping that a screw job here would give him even more support. I don't see a Stone Cold/HHH match coming. I see a REAL DEAL Survivor Series happening, with a Stephanie team, a HHH team, and a Vince team. That would make most sense. And if a team wins, that executive gets to pick the number one contender from their team. Just a thought.