Thursday, August 29, 2013

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Clue #1
Birthday Scavenger Hunt

My daughter's birthday is right around the corner.  This year, we decided to get her a trampoline.  She's big into gymnastics, so we figured it would be a good tool to help her with her training.  I'm aware of the dangers involved, so please if you're thinking about raining on our parade, don't.

My parents were recently in town and since we were going in on it together and I knew what a pain in the butt putting together a trampoline would be, we got it for her early.  To make it more fun, we decided to come up with a scavenger hunt for Brooke to find her new gift.  

Since I'm the creative genius in the family :), it was up to me to come up with the clues.  So during the three and a half hours my dad and I spent putting the trampoline together, I came up with this... not exactly clever, but it did the trick.

Clue #2
Birthday Scavenger Hunt
       Today we are celebrating the day you were born.
     Go to the freezer and find the corn.

(in the freezer)
     Your gift isn't here, but try to stay nice.
     If you use it wrong, you might need some ice.
     From here go to your bathroom sink.
     When this mission is over you'll need a drink.

(in the bathroom)      
     This isn't your gift either, but do not fear.
     Go through the back door and let out a cheer.

She went from clue to clue, reading each one out loud, wondering exactly what it was she was getting herself in to.  At times, I think she was nervous about it and clues went right over her head, but she had a good time on this mission.  She had been asking for a pogo stick for months now, since we told her last year she wasn't going to get a trampoline (mom caved on this, not me.  I always wanted one.)

Jumping for joy!
The pure look of joy and squeal in her voice when she put it all together is a memory that will last me a lifetime.  She's turning 8 this year, and I know there won't be many more chances like this, especially since she's our baby.

This isn't the first time we've done a scavenger hunt.  In 2011, we did a photo version with our oldest son.  We took he and his friends to the mall and gave them a list of things to take their picture in front of.  Since my son is an avid Harry Potter fan, everything we came up with was something out of the books.  That too was a lot of fun, and watching the two teams compete for the most photos in the allotted time was memorable.

Now to start planning the actual party.  I'll write up something about that once everything is wrapped up.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. What a great way to show your gift to your little one! I can see in her picture that she’s really nervous about it at the start, but got into it and successfully finished the game. You just proved that playing scavenger hunt doesn’t really need to have a team to accomplish the mission. It can still be great game, even with just one player. But of course, having many makes it more fun.

    - Rosalinda Hone @ RiddleMe