Friday, August 30, 2013

Fill in the Blank Friday: Goldberg

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

 Goldberg seems like a random topic to be blogging about, but I read an interview with him from earlier this week, and thought this might be somewhat relevant.  I honestly don't recall the source of the interview, but in it, Goldberg said he's not scheduled to be a part of Wrestlemania 30 next year, but did not rule out the possibility either.

I'm fairly certain Goldberg and the WWE are on good terms, and I wouldn't be surprised if he came back at some point for a brief appearance.  Personally, I've never been a huge fan, but I know a lot of people would find value in a Goldberg return, especially since he's a part of the legends on the soon-to-be released WWE 2K14 game.

Photo courtesy: WWE
He said if he wrestled at Wrestlemania 30, he'd like it to be against The Undertaker or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.  Goldberg also dismissed Ryback, a man a lot of people compare him to today, saying he (Goldberg) has more talent in one finger than Ryback has in his entire body.

So, this week, you fill in the blank with your thoughts on the former World Heavyweight Champion.

1.  When Goldberg first debuted in WCW he was unstoppable.  People still talk about his unbeaten streak, which was ended by Kevin Nash.  Instead of Nash holding that distinction, _____________ should have given Goldberg his first loss.

2.  Goldberg's best feud and/or match came against __________________.

3.  If Goldberg does make an appearance at Wrestlemania 30, he's opponent should be against ________.

Thanks for playing.


  1. 1. As a kid, I always wanted to see Sting vs. Goldberg. I think Sting, as the face of the company, should have gotten the chance.

    2. Diamond Dallas Page

    3. I think he and Sheamus would put on a good match.

  2. 1) Mongo - he should have jobbed to Mongo in the beginning and never had the streak.

    2) Raven. He wasn't as much of a prima dona when he was working with Raven and that was a compelling story.

    3) He shouldn't work WM30, but if he does it should be against Ryback,

    I'm not "not a fan", I simply despise Goldberg. He's a mark for himself and he has no respect for wrestling - which means he has no respect for me as a fan. He acts like that streak was real or something (both in actual number of wins - it WAS inflated - and in terms of accomplishment - ahem, Bill, it IS all a work, keep that in mind).

    I would rather see Chris Hero get a spot at WM30 than Bill Goldberg, or El Generico, or any other young, current performer who can actually put on a good match. I have zero desire to see someone who wasn't that good to begin with who hasn't competed actively in forever take up a spot at the biggest show of the year just to milk an extra 100 buys out of it. Because, seriously, how many extra buys will Goldberg contribute to WM? It's not like fans will say, I was going to pass on the biggest show of the year, but now that this retired guy who doesn't like wrestling is going to have a match, I'm going to buy it.