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AAPW Summer Chaos

Photo courtesy: AAPW
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

I'm officially on vacation and since I'm in the great outdoors with my sons and I'm not sure how much of an Internet connection I'll have, so I'm going to try to have a few blogs that will autopost in my absence.  But this is an important one and I wanted to make sure I got it personally online before leaving town.  I'm not 100% sure how the autopost will work, and it's never to early to do a little promotion...

All American Pro Wrestling has been flying high since the record crowd that attended Main Event back in January.  The company seems to be headed in the right direction.  There's a new "No Limits" division that's been added very soon a new champion will be crowned.  More fans are attending live the TV tapings for AAPW Collision and folks are watching the show both on local television and on YouTube.  Now things are heating up as the company heads to Summer Chaos on June 30 (6:45 p.m. bell time in Marion, Illinois)

But all that momentum was nearly derailed after Mike Masters punched a fan on a recent edition of Collision.  Masters was immediately fired for his actions.  It seems he was upset after having lost to AAPW champion Edmund "Livewire" McGuire in a title match.  And Masters has a point, his foot was on the bottom rope before the referee made the three count.  His temper got the best of him, and despite being fired, Masters was rehired by AAPW owner Sean Chambers.  It was a questionable move, but Chambers insists that if Masters loses the match on June 30th, he'll be fired.  Livewire has been a fighting champion since regaining the AAPW title more than a year ago.  This will be a tough challenge, but the champ has beaten guys like Ax Allwardt and "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, and even Masters himself.  Lately too some creepy videos have been appearing on AAPW Collision, McGuire wants answers and will likely get what he's looking for at Summer Chaos.

Not only will the AAPW title be defended on June 30th, but so will the AAPW tag team titles.  Matt Cage and Christian Rose, collectively known as Team Overkill will face two very talented indy stars in Brandon Espinosa and Ace Hawkins.  Minor Threat has been a major threat in the tag team ranks.  These four men will take it to the limit, I have no doubt about that.

And speaking of limits, there is a fatal four way involving the semi-finalists in the No Limits tournament.  Joey O'Riley, Jay Spade, KC Jackson, and Sean Vincent will all do battle in this match.  While the match itself has no bearings on the tournament, one would assume that the winner will have some momentum moving forward to the finals.

AAPW welcomes a couple guests to Summer Chaos, including "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross who was on the most recent season of WWE's Tough Enough.  Cross made his AAPW debut at Main Event, but will join us again on June 30th to team with "The Handicap Hero" Gregory Iron, and AAPW's own Kyle Sykes.  That trio will take on Sir Bradley Charles, Chase King, and Mark Sterling.  I'm not sure what to expect out of this one, but Sykes has been impressive in recent weeks and will certainly be in good company in this match.

"The Old School Warrior" Ax Allwardt and Heath Hatton are gearing up for one heck of a grudge match at Summer Chaos.  These two have been at each other since the season premier of Collision in April during the battle royal to determine a number one contender to the AAPW championship.  There have been sneak attacks, distractions, and other head games leading up to what is sure to be a brawl.

Women's wrestling returns with the Great Cheyenne taking on Serenity.  This will be Serenity's AAPW debut and I'm looking forward to this match.  We've seen Cheyenne rumble with Stacey O'Brien in the past on Collision.  Women's wrestling is something fans have told us they want, so at Summer Chaos, that's exactly what they'll get.

Truk Thompson is a relative newcomer to AAPW, but so far he has rolled over all the competition.  He hopes to keep that momentum going as he clashes with Benjamin Boone.

I hope to see you all there at Summer Chaos.  If you can't make it, be sure to stay tuned for details on ordering the DVD.  You can also check out AAPW online.

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