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BattleBowl final set

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Stride Pro Wrestling General Manager Sam Hunter has come up with a new concept for the company. It's a bit like the 1991 BattleBowl: Lethal Lottery event, but with an update. Eight team captains were chosen and each of those captains picked a name at random. 

Those teams did battle Saturday night for rounds one and two of the tournament. The winning team will then face off against each other for a future Stride Heavyweight Championship match. The runner-up team will get a title match against the tag team champions. 

Roger Matheus returns
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
I enjoyed the matchups as we had a chance to see guys on the Stride roster in the ring against each other for the first time. For example, Cash Borden was in there against Ax Allwardt. The other big news of the night was the return of Roger Matheus. In October we thought his career was over after an injury suffered in the ring. But with therapy and training, he's back and bigger, badder and better than ever. 

We now know how that final match is going to shape up. "King" Chris Hargas and Cash Borden will face Heath Hatton and Scott Phoenix on Saturday, July 6 back at the Stride Building (1130 N. Division Street).

Results from the show:

Blaine Black pinned Saveyon Ayers.

The Sin City Saints (Tony Flood & Jay Spade) (c) beat Team Frat Fitness (B-Rad & Will Power).

Battle Bowl: Ax Allward & Ryzer beat Jose Magnifico & Brian Richards.

Battle Bowl: King Hargas & Cash Borden beat Bo Sawyer & Bud Gallows after Jason Tiller interfered.

Battle Bowl: Mr. Anthony & Roger Matheus beat Farmer Billy Hills & Dexter Roswell.

Battle Bowl: Heath Hatton & Scott Phoenix beat Hollywood Redneck & Jason Tiller after Bo Sawyer interfered.

Battle Bowl: Hargas & Cash beat Ax & Ryzer. Ax then turned on Ryzer and gave him a piledriver.

Battle Bowl: Hatton & Phoenix beat Anthony & Matheus.

Red Daniels (c) pinned Wraith to defend the Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title.

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