Saturday, January 12, 2019

Preparing for War(Bound)

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Most fans of Stride Pro Wrestling and readers of this blog know if do some of the social media marketing for the company. I regularly get messages from wrestlers, managers, referees and even announcers wanting to catch the eye of the management team for a shot here in Stride.

A recent video was sent our way that caught a lot of attention. It's from a wrestler named Warbound. I know little about Warbound. I'm interested in learning more though. And it looks like that is going to happen. Warbound is coming to Stride Pro Wrestling. Stay tuned for those details. I'm sure he'll make an impact here as there is a lot of chaos happening right now in Stride. 

There's no champion at the moment. We have a masked man assaulting wrestlers with a lead pipe. And Red Daniels has made his whereabouts over the past year known. How will Warbound fit into all this chaos? Time will tell for sure...

I also wanted to remind fans we are at Central Junior High School in West Frankfort on Saturday, Feb. 2. Bell time is 7 p.m. and this is a fundraiser show for the school. Be sure to join us!

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