Tuesday, January 8, 2019

David Arquette is inspiring me

Arquette in action
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David Arquette is inspiring me. I had to type it again because it's something I never thought I'd say. Sure, I enjoyed him in the Scream movie franchise but when he ventured into the pro wrestling ring and even won the WCW World Heavyweight title I became skeptical.

Arquette wins!
Courtesy: WWE (WCW)
That was 18 years ago and in the years since that move, Arquette explained his motives and it turns out he is a big wrestling fan. He's even back in action, returning to the ring for several indy shows in 2018. Arquette continues to wrestle into the new year too and at the age of 47.

Exiting the cage in 2018
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
Most of you probably already know this, but I'll repeat it. I am a ring announcer for Stride Pro Wrestling. In 2012 I had a chance to have a match of my own. Last Spring, I was able to do it again. I love being in the ring, but at age 45 I know it's not something that will ever become a full-time or even regular effort for me.

However, seeing Arquette training and being treated like a serious competitor I am starting to think 'one more match' or even a few more matches could be in my future. My main focus for 2019 though is to make it on a national wrestling TV program as an announcer or interviewer. But the point is to never say never. Oh, there will be no death matches in my future...

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  1. He is an amazing kind individual. I work for TNT and he was a joy to have at the NWA pop up earlier this month.