Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You've Run a Marathon, So What's Next?

A SnapChat finish
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'm writing this not to brag or to whine, but instead to reach out to other runners who may be in the situation I find myself in right now.  Just over two weeks ago, I completed my first marathon.  I say first because I do intend to run another, but for the last 17 days I've found myself feeling rather blah about running.

I've run eight times since crossing the finish line on the marathon.  The furthest run to date is just 5.29 miles.  I can't seem to motivate myself to go beyond that point right now.  I have several friends who are planning a 50-mile ultra later this month.  I've been invited to join them, but I have no desire to compete in such an event.

The elusive Disney marathon medal
I have my eyes on other marathons down the road, most specifically the race at Disney World.  Seeing those Mickey Mouse medals has awakened the kid in me.  Plus what better scenery to run through is there than the "Happiest Place on Earth"?  But until that becomes a reality (at least a few years from now) I'll try to find the happiness in running again.  I don't hate doing it, but I do feel different since finishing the marathon.

So if you've felt like this after a big race, how did you cope?  What advice can you give a guy going through a midlife crisis and using running as he way to get through it all?

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  1. Pick a spring half marathon or 10 miler and sign up for it now, that will give you something to put together a training plan for without having to take on the training demands of a full marathon (which as you just experienced takes up a lot of time). Then pick a full marathon for next Fall or Winter (if you go for Disney) and register for it when you are ready to commit to the next BIG event. Also, I find running with a group is helpful to keep me getting out for a weekly long run even when I am not training for a specific race. Perhaps your local running store has a weekend group run you could hit. Congrats on your first 26.2 and keep running! - Eric