Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Banking on Tag Team Gold

Sheamus & Barrett
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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This idea has been swirling around in my head for a while now so I finally decided to put it out there for all of you to read.  Sheamus is the current holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase.  He's also recently struck up a friendship and partnership with "King" Wade Barrett.  I like the duo and when Rusev comes back, I hope he's added back into this mix.  They could have some epic battles with Cesaro, Neville and Tyson Kidd when he returns.

Courtesy: WWE

There's talk of Sheamus eventually replacing Seth Rollins in the Authority and cashing in and winning the gold that way.  But to quote Daniel Bryan, "NO! NO! NO!"  Try this instead...  have Sheamus AND Barrett cash in the briefcase and win the tag team titles.  Ideally it'll be a transition team after New Day loses the belts (which I don't want to happen anytime soon, but this is short attention span theater these days).

Tag team turmoil
Courtesy: WWE
I'm not the biggest fan of Sheamus having another WWE World title run, but I'm certainly not opposed to him wearing gold again.  I still think WWE needs to work on the tag team division and having a MITB winner cash in on those titles would lend some credible.  It's an outside of the box idea and I'm sure others have discussed it.  What do you think of Sheamus or future MITB winners cashing in on a title other than the World heavyweight championship?  By the way I'm not advocating for him or anyone else to cash in on the Divas champion.

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