Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WWE: You're Upping the Game

Shemaus, Triple H, Steph & Rusev
Courtesy: WWE
By Chad Smart
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After Survivor Series 2015, I was not impressed with the direction WWE was going. If you listen to the My 1-2-3 Cents the Podcast Episode 52, (cheap plug) you can  hear Kevin and me explain why Sheamus winning the title wasn’t a fulfilling ending to Survivor Series.  However, 24 hours later, I may be changing my opinion. 

RAW opened with the required dull promo by the Authority. This wasn’t enough to even pique my interest. Then towards the end of the promo, after Sheamus and Roman Reigns got involved things started to pick up.  Reigns tried to show he wouldn’t be intimidated by the Authority only to turn around and eat a superkick from a returning Rusev. This set up a main event of Reigns vs. Rusev with Sheamus in the Bulgarian Brute’s corner. 

Sheamus taunts Reigns
Courtesy: WWE 

During the latter part of the match, after Sheamus was kicked to the back by the referee, King Barrett did a run in and attacked Reigns. Sheamus, Barrett and Rusev have had a loose association over the past couple of months before Rusev went out with an injury. It appears that group is sticking together now that Sheamus is WWE Champion. My interest in this group is at a crossroad. 

If WWE wants to push the group as a dominant force and not be the Jobber To The Stars the three Superstars have been over the past year, then I’m interested to see what happens next and could get behind a lengthy Sheamus title run. 

We like this new faction
Courtesy: WWE
If WWE keeps the group as job fodder and use Sheamus as a transitional champion, I don’t have any interest in the group. The Euro-Connection could be compared to the Wyatt Family. Each is comprised of wrestlers who are capable in the ring and who fans, I think, want to support. The problem is how the creative team uses them. 

With all the injuries currently plaguing the WWE roster, now is the time to get behind a new stable and push them to the top. WWE shouldn’t be waiting on John Cena or Randy Orton to come back. WWE shouldn’t rely on bringing in Brock Lesnar or any other former star to carry the company. The crossroads where the WWE currently rests shows this is the time to look forward at who is going to carrying the company into the third decade of the 21st Century. Stop relying on the old and go with the new. 

The pieces are in place for the Euro-Connection to be a formidable force. Will WWE complete the puzzle or will they stay the course they were on before Seth Rollins’ injury? Time will tell. For now, I’m willing to see where the road leads.


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