Monday, April 6, 2015

Wrestling with the Stars

Rousey flips Trips
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Wrestlemania 32 is 362 days away and I can not wait for it to get here.  After taking a break from our Wrestlemania trips, Chad and I have agreed we'll be on hand to witness the event live at "Jerry's World" in Dallas.

I'm typically not a fan of celebrity matches, as I recall stars like Drew Carey, Jay Leno and Dennis Rodman stepping into the ring.  Even though I wasn't a big fan of Snooki's, I thought she did well in her match at Wrestlemania a few years ago. Floyd Mayweather and even Mr. T 30 years ago stepped up to the plate and exceeded my expectations. However in 2016, I hope that we get the already much talked about Ronda Rousey in-ring debut.

Rousey and the Horsewomen at SummerSlam
Photo courtesy:  WWE
I know little to nothing about Rousey other than she is kick ass MMA fighter.  She's the only current fighter I'm able to name (I don't watch UFC or MMA, or are they the same?).  But I've heard enough main stream and social media coverage to be able to identify who she is.  When she showed up at Wrestlemania 31 last week, I assumed like many that it was to lay the ground work for a future appearance with WWE.

Photo courtesy: WWE
It's already been reported the appearance was a "one-off" and she's not quitting her day job.  I'm not looking for her to be in the ring full time, I'd love one match at Mania and what better way to help fill a stadium with a capacity of 100,000 fans than with someone with crossover appeal like Rousey? Her opponent (if I was booking this thing today) would be Stephanie McMahon.  I can actually see Chad rolling his eyes as he reads this, but let me explain.

You'd be hard pressed right now to find a Diva on the roster right now who is more hated than Stephanie.  The Billion Dollar Princess may very well be the biggest heel in the company right now.  She has become one of the best at being that antagonist in various storylines.  

Some may argue that's the problem with WWE Creative, that they haven't helped build anyone else on the roster to play that role.  I'm not arguing that point, as I do think there have been some missed opportunities over the years, but the reality of the here and now is that (most) fans would rather see Rousey hand Stephanie McMahon her ass than any other woman in WWE.  

The new Dynamic Duo?
Photo courtesy: WWE
I know it's still way too early, but this is the first match I'm putting on my wish list for next year.  Heck, I wouldn't even be opposed to a mixed tag with Ronda and the Rock against Stephanie and Triple H.  Of course over the next 361 days, I may end up changing my mind, but that's okay.  

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