Me as the Ultimate Warrior on a banana 

By Kevin Hunsperger

Yes, you read that title right.  My friend Weston White (we call him Dub Dub) is quite the talented artist.  He's gotten into the habit recently of drawing pictures of wrestlers on my banana.  Yeah, that sounds a little awkward, but it's all innocent, I swear.  Anyway, I've decided to share his works with you.  I've tweeted them all, and heard back from some wrestlers through retweets and even comments.  Follow us on Twitter too!  @kevinhunsperger @westonwhite @my123cents and @BeaucoupCreek (Dub Dub's band)

Here's the reaction from then Road Dogg:      that is awesome, it did sound weird at first.

The Road Dogg

Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz
Kofi Kingston
Booker T
Gobbledy Gooker
El Generico

Heath Slater

Paul Heyman


Jay Lethal

Kobald of the Batiri
Hurricane Helms
Mr. Touchdown
Hulk Hogan
Good ol' JR
The Rock

The Ultimate Warrior
Zack Ryder 
Dolph Ziggler
D'Lo Brown
William Regal
King Kong Bundy
Mr. America
Colt Cabana


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