The My 1-2-3 Cents Podcast is up and running on the Jittery Monkey Podcast Network. You can hear several different types of "nerd" podcasts, including wrestling, comic books, video games, and sports.  

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As you can see in the picture above, there have been plenty of great guests on the My 1-2-3 Cents Podcast. 

Episode 59: No Cena? No Problem

Episode 58: Princess KimberLee interview

Episode 57: 2015 Centy Awards

Episode 56: Here Comes Centy Claus

Episode 55: The Crossover Event with Nerds United

Episode 54: Anniversary show: Terri Runnels interview

Episode 53: WrassleRoos

Episode 52: Sheamus the Survivor

Episode 51: Undertaker & Survivor Series Memories

Episode 50: Vacant Wins Again

Episode 49: WWE 2K16 Review

Episode 48: HIAC Review 

Episode 47: Chris Hagstrom Interview

Episode 46: "The Man of Tomorrow" Daniel Eads Interview

Episode 45: Random Ramblings

Episode 44: What the Hell?

Episode 43: We Are the Champions

Episode 42: NOC Preview

Episode 41: King of Trios Recap

Episode 40: Max Smashmaster Interview

Episode 39: SummerSlam Recap 

Episode 38: Green Arrow History 

Episode 37: SummerSlam: Then & Now

Episode 36: Remembering "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Episode 35: Thoughts on Hulk Hogan & The Wrestling Widow

Episode 34: Jeff Jarrett Interview (Amped preview)

Episode 33: Give Us the Book

Episode 32: Dasher Hatfield Interview

Episode 31: Farmer Billy Hills Interview

Episode 30: Kamala & Kenny Casanova Interview

Episode 29: Remembering the Dream

Episode 28: Money in The Bank Preview

Episode 27: Mick Foley Interview

Episode 26: Samoa Joe/NXT/Elimination Chamber Talk

Episode 25: Double J Jeff Jarrett Interview

Episode 24: Global Force Wrestling Roster

Episode 23: Missouri Wrestling Revival

Episode 22: Extreme Rules Recap

Episode 21: "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton Interview

Episode 20: "Gentleman" Jervis Cottonbelly

Episode 19: Cape Comic Con Preview

Episode 18:  Wrestlemania Recap

Episode 17: Wrestlemania 31 Preview

Episode 16: WWE Hall of Fame

Episode 15: Second Best (IC title talk)

Episode 14: Bumps in the Road to Wrestlemania

Episode 13: All In With Pokerface (interview w/Pokerface)

Episode 12: What's Next for NXT?

Episode 11: 2 is Greater Than 1 (interview w/Heath Hatton)

Episode 10: Q&A (Wrestlemania Chatter, Royal Rumble)

Episode 9: Reigns Rocks the Rumble

Episode 8: Midweek Special (interview w/Sheamus)

Episode 7:  Fight Nigel Fight (interview w/Nigel McGuinnes)

Episode 6:  Don't Hold the MSG (interview w/History of WWE)

Episode 5:  A Golden Opportunity (interview w/Greg Anthony)

Episode 4:  The Centy Awards (co-hosted by Chad 


Episode 3:  The Christmas Show

Episode 2:  TLC & (R) Evolution Reviews

Episode 1: The Opening Match

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