Thursday, January 14, 2016

Put a ring on it

Sunny and her ring
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Recently former WWE Diva Sunny has drawn some online criticism for putting her Hall of Fame ring up for sale on eBay.  It's something that's happened before with Abdullah the Butcher, "Superstar" Billy Graham and the sons of the late Paul Bearer.  Sunny claims Jimmy Hart sold his while going through a divorce recently.

Sunny's induction (we were there)
The embattled Diva has had her ups and downs in recent years.  I'm not here to judge her or anyone else for that matter.  She's made it clear that she wants to cut ties with the company and move on.  I do find that a bit disheartening and disappointing.  Five years ago WWE had enough faith in her to add her to their Hall of Fame.  She was honored not just at the ceremony, but also the next night at Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta.  Something along the way changed obviously.

Here's where I put on my judgment hat... I would hope that for any legend inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame they'd cherish the induction and the ring that goes along with it.  I know we're talking about a ceremony for a predetermined activity, but the Hall of Fame is one of my favorite wrestling related events of the year.  I look forward to the day there's a physical location.  Furthermore, I'm a bit of a packrat and save everything, so I can't ever imagine parting with such a sentimental gift.

Sunny's ring is currently up for bids on eBay and as of this posting has two bids to the tune of $1,099.  I hope the impending sale gives her what she need financially and whatever issues she has with her former life in the world of wrestling gets resolution too.  The same for anyone else who has sold their ring.  

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