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SummerSlam: A to Z: Jailhouse Match

Jailhouse Match
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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In the summer of 1991 there was a border war like no other brewing.  It wasn't the United States versus Mexico. No, this battle was happening with our friends in the Great White North.  Former corrections officer Big Bossman from Cobb County, Georgia was engaged in a feud with Canada's own The Mountie.  Jacques Rougeau played the Doodle-Do-Right gone wrong character.

The Mountie had been beating opponents left and right and zapping them with a cattle prod along the way.  It wasn't a stretch from what Bossman did as a heel years earlier when he'd handcuff and assault his beaten opponents with a nightstick.  But now Bossman was enforcing the law of the land and was sick of The Mountie and his manager Jimmy Hart's actions.

Courtesy: WWE
The feud was to be settled at SummerSlam 91 in a Jailhouse Match.  The loser would be forced to spend 24 hours in a jail cell in New York City (SummerSlam was held at Madison Square Garden that year). It should come as no surprise Bossman won and The Mountie was carted off in handcuffs to "serve hard time."  I recall a few cut aways to the jail that evening and Mountie bellowing for his release, which never happened (at least not on camera).

Locked up
Courtesy: WWE
I'm pretty sure this feud ended with this one and only Jailhouse Match.  Bossman moved on to IRS who accused the lawman of being a tax cheat and The Mountie briefly held the Intercontinental championship after being Bret Hart.  While the match was lackluster, it was the kind of cheesy gimmicky stuff that I loved when watching the WWF back in the day.

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