Monday, June 1, 2015

Rest in Peace Tommy Rogers


By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'm sad to hear of the passing of one of the most talented tag team wrestlers from my childhood, Tommy Rogers.  He and Bobby Fulton competed for years as The Fantastics.  The name suited the team to a tee, as they were impressive in the ring.  I don't know all the circumstances surrounding Tommy's death, but Dave Meltzer has more details here.

My memories of The Fantastics start in the mid-80's in World Class Championship Wrestling.  Rogers and Fulton had some of the best matches on the card against The Midnight Express (then Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey) That feud lasted the entire time both teams were with WCCW.  I believe the teams swapped the tag team titles while they were there.  

They also had a great run in Bill Watts' UWF, engaging in some bloody and violent battles with The Sheepherders (now known as the Bushwhackers)  The brutal heels took the babyface Fantastics to the limit, but Rogers and Fulton never failed to impress.  I know I'll probably get heat from some for this, but I always enjoyed the Fantastics ahead of other similar duos like The Fabulous Ones and The Rock 'n Roll Express.  I'm not taking anything away from anyone with that statement.

The two returned to WCCW and feuded with the Rock 'n Roll RPMs, which culminated in a scaffold match.  I know they had more matches against the Midnight Express (this time with Stan Lane in the duo) when they headed to World Championship Wrestling.  And I vaguely remember Rogers and Fulton actually being opponents in a WWF match in the late 90's.  

Fulton & Rogers

The two remained a team in the years that followed around the world and in the indies.  Chad and I got to see Rogers and Fulton, along with others at the Mid-South Legends reunion show in New Orleans during Wrestlemania XXX weekend. It was great seeing all the men and women from that nearly forgotten time in wrestling history.  He was also on an episode of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast not too long ago.  I know that Tommy has had some personal problems, I just hope he is now at peace.  God speed.

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