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Love, Truth, Honor

Mu Kappa receiving the charter
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Twenty-one years ago I went through rush on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.  For those who don't know, rush is the process of looking for a fraternity or sorority to join. After going to a handful of houses and parties and other gatherings, I didn't feel like the ones I'd looked at were the right fit for me.

While I was walking to class one day, I saw a flier for Sigma Nu.  The fraternity was not yet on campus, as this was to be a new group.  I attended the rush meeting where I saw several guys I'd met through my two years at SEMO.  We were told that night that it would be a long and difficult process to go from colony to chapter status.  It was something that core group of men was going to have to build from the ground up.

Initially, I wasn't sure I was up to the task and didn't go back.  But about a month later, my interest was piqued again.  I met with the guys and was extended a bid.  We spent that year working hard to fulfill the requirements set forth by the national fraternity to earn chapter status.  And like we were told that first night, it was not easy.

Snakes on Ice 1995
Over the course of 12 months, we accomplished all the goals put in front of us, and in October 1994, the Mu Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity was born.  There were 32 Founding Fathers who helped bring this chapter to life.  In just a few weeks, many of those men and the hundreds of others who have followed in our footsteps will celebrate the milestone.

Prior to an intramural game (I was the photographer)
Some have said joining a fraternity or sorority is just a way to buy friends.  I don't see it that way at all.  I've always been an introvert, so joining Sigma Nu was a great way to break out of my shell and meet a variety of new people.  The last two and a half years of my college career were spent as a member of the fraternity. I held offices in that time like Social Chairman (I know, that was kinda weird) and Recorder.  My entire time in college was nothing less than fun, but I have countless memories of the times I spent with my brothers.  I've made lifelong friendships as a result.

Others question the hazing aspect of being Greek.  Sigma Nu was founded on a no hazing principle.  In my years with the fraternity I was never hazed, nor was anyone else on our campus.  We lead the way nationally and at SEMO on the issue.  We also raised the bar by making sure our candidates and active members all kept grades above the standards set by the university.  That's something still happening 20 years later.

Under the Sea
There are plenty of memories from those days.  The shots of Wild Turkey prior to our Executive Board meetings.  The trips to get Frozen Cokes after chapter meetings.  The time I dressed like the Little Mermaid for the Alpha Xi Delta Rose Bowl.  We bought a house and completely renovated it top to bottom.  A handful of us drove to Panama City Beach for Spring Break.  The men of Sigma Nu joined me the night I proposed by serenading my new fiancee with the song Sigma Nu Girl.

The night I proposed 
I've done a  lot of things in my life.  One of my proudest accomplishments remains being a part of the Founding Fathers and helping create a still very successful fraternity.  I can't wait to celebrate this big anniversary with those who helped make it happen.

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  1. My experience with the Zeta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Nu at Gettysburg College sounds a lot like your experience at SEMO (except my chapter was already up and running so I didn't have the "founding father" experience). Growing up an only child, it was great to have a group of brothers for support and friendship. Congrats to the whole Mu Kappa chapter on your anniversary and keep up you 123 cents posts, they are a fun diversion from the work day. - Eric