Saturday, December 15, 2012

Seasons Beatings: Gold Christmas

The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust
Merry Christmas
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

The Attitude Era created some very memorable characters and storylines.  One of my favorite stars before the era official started was Goldust.  By 1997, after a face turn, Goldie went back to his heel ways, but changing his name to the Artist Formerly Known as Goldust.  He broke away from his traditional garb, but had that air of mystic about him still.  He also dumped Marlena (or Terri) and added Luna Vachon as he valet/sidekick.

In late 97, the two were feuding with Vader.  The couple had come out to the ring during a Raw in Christmas gear.  TAFKAG was dressed liked a Christmas tree.  He paraded around the ring with lights that lit up and was even topped with a star. Luna was a deranged looking Mrs. Claus.  TAFKAG started reading Twas the Night Before Christmas when Santa interrupted by handing out gifts to the fans.

The aftermath
The two heels didn't appreciate the interruption and when they asked St. Nick to leave, he came into the ring and blindsided the former golden one with a sack full of goodies.  Santa then pulled off his beard and hat and revealed himself to be Vader.  It was a short segment as Goldie and his companion quickly left the ringside area.

Props to Dustin Rhodes for playing the Goldust character so well.  Without a doubt he was one of my favorite characters ever.  Click here to watch the segment.

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