Sunday, September 15, 2019

Borden cashed out

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

At the start of Saturday night's Cashing In fundraiser for YouthBuild, Cash Borden had all three of Stride Pro Wrestling's singles championships. He won the Legacy title in late 2018 after the championship was vacated. He recently climbed the ladder and claimed the No Limits Championship, even though he wasn't in the match. Then after losing the Heavyweight title back to Red Daniels, he stole the belt and assaulted General Manager Sam Hunter in the process. 

'Warbound' Bo Sawyer

However, that punch may be what lead to Cash's demise as a champion in Stride. He had to defend all three belts at the fundraiser. First, he lost the No Limits title to 'Warbound' Bo Sawyer in a fatal four-way with Dalton Anthony and Dexter Roswell. 

Jose Magnifico 
A bit later, Jose Magnifico picked up the Legacy title. And in a hard-hitting, action-packed main event, Daniels beat Borden in the middle of the ring and got his hands back on the Heavyweight championship. 

Daniels vs. Borden
Courtesy: Tyler Adams
It was an incredible night of wrestling action and I do tip my hat to Cash who wrestled five men in three different matches that night. While his actions are far from a champion, he proved he's a true competitor here in Stride.

Other match results: 
'Stone Cold' Redneck beat 'Squire' Savveon Aryes.

Mike Masters beat B-Rad.

Ax Allwardt beat Ryzer in a chain match when the referee determined Ryzer couldn't continue.

Heath Hatton and Kevin Hunsperger retained the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team titles by beating Bud Gallows & the Masked Man and Roger Matheus & Chris Hargas (the Kings of Destiny). 

Perhaps the best part of the night, Stride raised about $3,000 for the YouthBuild program. Thanks to everyone who attended the show.

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