Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A fair fight

Kevin Hunsperger
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August has been a busy month already for Stride Pro Wrestling and will be the busiest time the company has ever experienced. Hot August Night III was a great success as was the show we co-hosted with IWA Productions a week later. This Friday night, we head to the Pulaski County Fair for Pulaski Punchout and then we're off to Rent One Park on Aug. 29. More on that to come.

Pulaski Punchout is shaping up to be a great card and will feature all your favorites on the Stride roster, including a grudge match between Roger Matheus and Scott Phoenix. Heath Hatton, Jerry Travelstead, Chris Hargas, Ax Allwardt, Ryzer, Dexter Roswell, Mr. Anthony, Farmer Billy Hills and many more will compete that night. 

Photo courtesy: Jamie Woodworth Myers
Red Daniels will also be defending the Stride Pro Wrestling heavyweight title against Cash Borden. Borden, of course, is the Legacy Champion and despite this being held at the fair, I highly doubt we'll see a fair fight. Borden showed his ruthless side once again by attacking Daniels during his title defense against Mike Masters at Hot August Night III. The brutality involved there resulted in a trip to the ER for the champ. 

Cash has shown us time and time again he'll do whatever it takes to retain his Legacy Title. Remember the amazing dog collar match he had with Jay Spade back in March? Now Cash will go as far as he can for the biggest prize in all of Stride. However, Red has been one of the most defending champions since winning the gold unexpectedly at Strideiversary. Heath Hatton, Ax Allwardt, Chris Hargas and Wraith have all fallen to the champ.

It's going to be a great match and a great night in general. Come to the Pulaski County Fair to see this show. Bell time is 7 p.m.

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