Sunday, July 7, 2019

It's not always lonely at the top

Red Daniels & Ryzer
Courtesy: Jamie Myers 
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There's an old saying "It's lonely at the top." That expression has been notably true in the world of professional wrestling. You see, when you're the champ, there's a huge target on your back. But in some cases, we see other stars eyeing a prize other than the 10 pounds of gold.

That was very much true this past weekend at the Scars 'n Stripes show by Stride Pro Wrestling. In the main event, the heavyweight champion, Red Daniels defended against Ax Allwardt. But before we get to that, there's this...

Ax pummels Ryzer
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
Earlier in the night though, Ax, who recently went back his more vicious attitude, interrupted the ceremony for Ryzer. Ryzer has been training at the Stride school and Saturday night was his night to become an official graduate. Ax blamed Ryzer and other youngsters like him for ruining 80s wrestling with today's product. Ax took the certificate Ryzer was to receive and ripped it to shreds. He then attacked the rising star until instructor Heath Hatton pulled Ax off. 

Now, back to the main event. Ax was taking liberties with the rules and finally snapped and punched referee Lane Austin in the face. Then as he went for his chain, Ryzer emerged from the locker room, grabbing the loose end and preventing the villain from injuring the champion. 

Ax was disqualified and what looks like a new relationship between Red and Ryzer became apparent. The two celebrated in the ring, sending the fans home happy. However, I'm sure Ax will be back with a vengeance as he wants the gold still and to prove a point against Ryzer. Stay tuned, Stride returns on Saturday, Aug. 3 and a big event planned on Thursday, Aug. 29 at Rent One Park in Marion. 


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