Wednesday, April 3, 2019

An unlikely duo

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Last year at this time, Jay Spade and Tony Flood were embroiled in a classic feud for the Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title. Now, the two are allies and partners and will have a shot at the tag team championships this Saturday night. Say what?!?

I've yet to hear an exact explanation from Spade, who has been a fan favorite since I first met him in 2011. Somewhere along the way, something changed. For the past few months, he'd been living a double life. Not only was he fighting intense battles with Cash Borden and getting cheered by the crowd, but he was also disguising himself in a pair of coveralls and a mask and wielding a lead pipe. He whacked Heath Hatton more than once with it.

Why Spade, why? 
Hatton and Flood had been battling for the heavyweight title when Spade's interference started. When he was eventually unmasked, Hatton, along with the fans were shocked. Even more shocking now, Spade and Flood will relive their rookie year and work together as a tag team.

This duo has been granted a championship match in their first outing. I have no doubt they'll do whatever it takes to beat Farmer Billy Hills and Scott Phoenix. However, I know the champs. They just regained the gold and will fight tooth and nail to keep those belts. 

It's going to be a great battle. Come see the action Saturday (April 6) at Johnston City High School. Bell time is  7 p.m.

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