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One More Match: Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'm starting a new feature here on the blog. The title says it all.  There are plenty of legends who have hung up the boots before having that match to give the fans some closure.  Some of these posts will feature men or women who could still come back, other days these will be tributes to fallen legends.

Vs. Owen Hart
Courtesy: WWE

When the Ultimate Warrior was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame it marked the return of  one of most charismatic performers in the business.  The last time he'd wrestle for WWE was during the summer of 1996 against Owen Hart.  He would return to the ring on the main stage two years later and feud with Hulk Hogan in WCW, losing to the Hulkster at Halloween Havoc.  That run only included three matches.

Hall of Fame
Courtesy: WWE
Warrior wrestled sporadically after, but finally retired in 2008.  In 2014 during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech fans shouted "One more match!"  But the legend quickly shot down those requests.  I'm not going to lie, sitting there in the crowd that night I hoped Warrior would get back in the ring just one more time.  Sure he was 54 years old and hadn't been in the ring in seven years, but as I've explained before I'm a fool for old school.  I would have marked out even for a quick SummerSlam '88 style affair against someone like Heath Slater. I know it does nothing to advance anyone's career, but not everything has to do that, does it?  
Warrior vs. Rock
WWE AllStars
Seeing Hall of Famer Warrior go one more time would have been a great stroll down memory lane.  But I really wish he and Vince McMahon would have made amends years earlier and Warrior could have had a final run and a "proper" retirement.  He still had the goods to step into the ring and could have been a part of the old generation helping create the Superstars of the Attitude Era.  I'm sure someone could have come up with some creative plans to keep Warrior's legacy intact while helping new talent grab the brass ring.  Ultimate Warrior vs. The Rock, "Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Mankind could have all been marquee matches.  Even rekindling the old feud with the Undertaker from 1991 would have been epic or a quick feud with the up and coming Kane. 

Sadly Warrior is gone.  But there's plenty of matches to relive and remember this legend of the ring.  

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