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Global Force Wrestling: Our Roster

By Kevin Hunsperger (with Chad Smart & Chris Hagstrom)
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Some of the old gang over at Rafters Radio reunited online for a quick discussion about the newly formed Global Force Wrestling.  Jeff and Karen Jarrett are behind the effort.  You can read all the details right here.  The company recently announced on social media that they want fans to do a Fantasy Draft, picking four men and one woman to join the force.  The other rule, they must all be independent wrestlers.

I'll admit I still have a pretty limited area of experience in the world of independent wrestling, and when I put together my original list, I shared picks with Chris Hagstrom and Chad Smart.  But in an effort to have some variety, I expanded my horizons and updated my picks.  These are all great stars on the Indy scene, and because the rules state five, it was tough narrowing it down.  I based some of my picks on the men and women I've worked with over the last few of years in All American Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Collision.  Others, I have watched and enjoyed as a fan.  So here we go.

Matt Cross
Kevin's Picks:

Matt Cross: I first met "M-Dogg 20" at AAPW Main Event in January 2012, but had seen his work on the previous season of WWE's Tough Enough.  Cross was cut from the show early on, but I think there was a disconnect with the judges and host "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.  I'd put him in GFW because I believe many fans know who he is.  He's got a great attitude (at least what I observed on the two occasions we worked with him) and he can do some pretty amazing things in the ring.  Even though he's been growing out the beard for a long time, I'd probably have him shave it as to not look like he's competing with Daniel Bryan and Eric Young.

Photo courtesy: Jason Wilkey
Pokerface:  During the first season of AAPW Collision, Pokerface was one of my favorite guys on the roster.  He was pretty quiet backstage and I didn't get a chance to talk much with him, but he was a hard worker and a professional every time he was at a show.  I remember at a non-TV taping event I did an interview segment in the ring with him where he threatened to beat me up.  Due to some unfortunate events, Poker wasn't able to stick around with us, but I think his future was pretty bright within the company.  He is doing great things in Tennessee right now and by the way, he beat M-Dogg 20 at that Main Event show.

Golden Boy in action
Photo courtesy: Jason Wilkey 
"Golden Boy" Greg Anthony:  Like Pokerface, Golden Boy eats, sleeps, and breaths wrestling.  He doesn't look like your typical Superstar, but his promos and his work in the ring are outstanding.  I always enjoyed talking with him at AAPW shows and pick his brain about the business.  Anthony has an old school mentality, which I respect and think still has a place in modern day wrestling.

Jervis Cottonbelly
Photo courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
Jervis Cottonbelly: I've only seen Jervis wrestle in person one time, and that was at a Wrestling is Intense show.  In fact, it was the last show the company had.  Jervis is a unique character who I think not only wrestles very well, but also has that marketing appeal to children that is valuable in the business.  I see a line of "Gentle" Jervis Cottonbelly merchandise ranging from masks, to toy moncels and fake mustaches.  I once did an interview with him through Google Plus and he's always got a great attitude.

The Great Cheyenne
Courtesy: Jason Wilkey
The Great Cheyenne: While working with AAPW, The Great Cheyenne came in and did several shows with us.  Fans wanted more ladies wrestling, and Cheyenne was able to deliver.  She could easily be booked as a monster heel and run over both the women and men on the roster.  I loved calling her matches and her blood curdling scream still rings in my ears from time to time.

And folks at GFW, if you're looking for a commentator who is willing to get in the ring and take a beating, call me...

Chris's Picks: 

DISCLAIMER: There are so many great wrestlers out there today that are under utilized and it is difficult to pick only four guys and one girl. I would like to add more to the list but I am staying within the parameters of the Draft. This list is also not meant to hurt anyone's feelings that I have worked with in the past. And finally… keep in mind that my picks do not include anyone associated with WWE, TNA, or ROH. 

Heath Hatton
Photo courtesy: Sarah Gardner
Heath Hatton:  The obvious first pick for me. Hatton has not been wrestling as long as some people may think, but he has a great look, skill in the ring (not to mention the best dropkick in the Midwest), and is on the radar of the three organizations mentioned above. If GFW is looking for a star, they will find it in Hatton. The biggest drawback for Hatton is his limited travel area. They say to make it, you have to travel the world and hone your skills. Hatton has the ability and a wealth of knowledge from legends and Hall of Famers, now he needs the chance to showcase it in front of new audiences.

Team Overkill
Photo courtesy: Jason Wilkey
Team Overkill:  Ok I'm stretching the rules with this choice but at least its ONE tag team. Matt Cage and Christian Rose are accomplished singles competitors, (Cage racking up gold in many midwest promotions and Rose with victories over majors guest stars brought in to Dreamwave Pro Wrestling), but in my eyes, they are without a doubt THE top tag team in the Midwest. They can have a great match with anyone and an amazing match with the best. The emotion they display can rile a crowd into a frenzy in 0.5 seconds. Both also do extensive tape study from past matches. These gentlemen truly eat, sleep, and breath Pro Wrestling. Not to mention extremely entertaining on twitter @BitterLunatic and @proudcaucasian.

Mr. Touchdown
Photo courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti:  Anyone who knows me well will giggle (And it's good…) but Mr. Touchdown has the complete package. Athletic, the look, charisma, an over the top character, and can back it up in the ring. A product of Mike Quackenbush's Wrestle Factory, Angelosetti has trained with the best and had matches all over North America. His athleticism allows him to wrestle any kind of match (technical, high flying, power, etc) and it's easy to "hate the jock." With the Rise of Chikara, we may see more of Angelosetti soon… At least one would hop

Danny Cannon
Dynamite Danny Cannon:  The one person I wanted to work with in AAPW and never got the chance to was Danny Cannon (or DC Dynamite if you watch AAW). He is the most acrobatic wrestler I have ever seen and done things even Adrian Neville would say… Wow. He is innovative,  explosive, and reminds me of a pit bull at times. Small in stature but powerful and fast. He had disappeared from the indies for a while but recently has resurfaced and am extremely happy for that. YouTube some of his work in IWAU and AAW to see what I mean. 

Angelus Layne
Angelus Penny Layne: I may not follow women's wrestling as much as I should. And this was a very tough category to pick as The Great Cheyenne, Stacey O'Brien, and MsChif are all at the top of the women's ranks and MsChif may very well be the best on the indies today. But my vote goes to Layne as I have seen a lot of her work and know what a fierce competitor she is. She is not afraid to take calculated risks in the ring and with her hair. Anyone who has followed her career knows that she went from a bubbly young upstart, to the disturbed and calculated competitor we see today. She will have continued success in Shimmer and hope to see her in more matches soon.

Honorable mentions:

Colt Cabana as a commentator (because comedy)
Archibald Peck, Mixed Martial Archie, The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger, R.D. Evans and the rest of the Faces of Evans
Adam Pearce

Chad's Picks:

Mr. Touchdown
Chris Hero
Uhaa Nation
Chuck Taylor
Candace LaRae

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