Welcome to the Wrestling section of My 1-2-3 Cents.  Below you'll find a variety of blogs related to the world of professional wrestling.  

All out of bubble gum award
Brock Lesnar should be suspended
Rebuilding Dolph Ziggler
Demolishing tag team history
Benefits of squash matches
My Wrestling Resume
Roman Reigns' Supsension
One More Match: Ultimate Warrior
Dusty Rhodes Dream Matches
RIP Dusty Rhodes
Money in the Bank Preview
Extreme Rules Preview
I Want to Be a Pro Wrestler
Week in Review
Neville!Wrestling Name Game
Seth Rollins Makes History 3 Times
Raw Before Mania
Goldust vs. Stardust
Undertaker's Wrestlemania Career

Jon Stewart vs. Seth Rollins
Seussing Up The Macho Man
Fastlane Thoughts
Land of the Lawsuits
Rollins: The New Total Package
The NeverEnding Story
Arenas I Would Have Liked To Visit

Thoughts on The 2015 Rumble
Shaking Up The 2015 Rumble
Don't Crush Rusev
Revamping Impact Wrestling
14 Memorable Moments of '14
2015 Predictions
Remembering Lost Stars in 2014
I Am Santa Claus vs. Santa With Muscles
PAC vs. El Generico AAPW Main Event: January 2012
Chad's Thoughts on Survivor Series
Survivor Series 1985
JR's Return
Tag Team Wrestling
Hell in a Cell Review
Hell in a Cell Preview
Hogan Doesn't Leave WWF
Edge Doesn't Retire Sting in the nWo
Matt Cage on WWE Raw
Brock's Win is Good for Dolph Ziggler
Randy Orton: Bully or Victim?
The Buzz on Sting

Killing My Wrestlemania Streak
Soothing the Savage Beasts of Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Elite
Wrestlemania XXX Recap

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