Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What did I just watch?

By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'll admit I haven't kept up much with TNA Wrestling, but the Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy storyline had me watching online. As I continue to digest what I saw, I'm trying to figure out what I've just watched. A series of previews have been played online and on Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. It all came down to match called Final Deletion.

The buildup and execution of the match was as unique as any storyline that comes to mind. That's a good thing because so many times now there's a formula in wrestling when it comes to a feud and how the match goes down. The Hardys have obviously been tag team partners and opponents before so the challenge is to come up with something intriguing that won't leave the fans predicting the outcome.

Final Deletion was anything but predictable. I liked that they took the match outside the arena and away from the crowd. The editing was a little too much for me at times and some of the spots reminded me of a backyard brawl. The fight with the fireworks reminded me of a couple of guys who had too much to drink on the Fourth of July and start aiming Roman candles at each other.

The match ends as Jeff tumbles off the Hardys' symbol that had been set on fire by Matt. The fall lead to the pinning of the former WWE and TNA heavyweight champion. But is Jeff deleted? What's next for the Charismatic Enigma? The rumor mill has been churning that Jeff is WWE bound to be a part of the brand extension, but who knows...

What I do know is TNA and the Hardys took a risk. For that I applaud them. This could set a tone for future storylines and certainly separates TNA from that stereotype of copying WWE, especially when it comes to using their past talents. My fear is in the big picture fans are going to poop on this idea and criticize it. While the acting was cheesy and not my exact cup of tea, kudos to everyone involved for trying something to reinvent a company that's struggle to maintain an audience.

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