Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Final Duplication?

Wyatts vs. New Day
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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There's been some buzz online about the New Day's visit to the Wyatt Family compound being a ripoff of last week's Final Deletion match between Matt and Jeff Hardy on TNA. I can see the similarities in the two segments. And if TNA had run the angle after this week's Raw, I'd accuse them of copying WWE.

Final Deletion
Courtesy: TNA
I don't watch much TNA. I just don't prioritize it. The Final Deletion was the first thing I've seen from them in a long time. Last week I shared thoughts on it in this post. I'm biased to WWE and thought the production value of the segment was better than what TNA presented. But really that's not to be unexpected from WWE. My WWE fandom also made it easier for me to connect with the story being told on Raw. This unexpected feud between New Day and the Wyatts has been extremely entertaining over the last couple of weeks.

Courtesy: WWE
The segment on Raw helped reestablish the Wyatts as the fearless and dangerous group they were originally brought in to be. It also gave fans a look at a more serious version of the tag team champions. That new dimension helped sell the intensity of the segment. It wasn't meant to be funny. The Final Deletion bit was a little too overacted, but again I didn't dislike it and applaud TNA for thinking outside the box with it.

Chad and I talked briefly about both segments and the upcoming draft. WWE should not split up any of the current teams or factions right now, but we both have a feeling that's coming. We will go into further detail in next week's podcast.  What did you think of the ND-WF segment? Was it a ripoff of Final Deletion?

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