Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Want Joe!

A week or two ago I blogged about the 5 guys on the TNA roster that I'd like to see move to the WWE.  Samoa Joe is at the top of that list.  And hearing that he is currently working WITHOUT a contract, my interest has been piqued.  I just wonder if Vince McMahon's is.
And Joe's for that matter.

The latest I've read about Joe is that he is no obligated to TNA anymore, but he is negotiating with the company.  While I want Joe to do what's best for him, I really hope he gets an opportunity to come to the WWE.

I think now more than ever, the WWE would actually use Samoa Joe wisely.  Four or five years ago, I think he would have been booked as second coming of Rikishi.  But now that other "indy" scene guys are having some success in the E, (Daniel Bryan and Kaval) I think Joe might actually get the proper treatment upon his arrival.

He's already proven himself in TNA and ROH, so I definitely don't think he'd have to be a "rookie" on NXT.  I'd hope he'd be able to just jump ship.  Joe is a star, fans know who he is.

I'm trying to think of the last big acquisition the WWE has had.  I'm not talking about promoting guys from FCW.  I guess it was the reacquisition of Christian a few years back.

Joe could easily play into the title picture and the main event scene.  It would be up to Vince not being too stubborn about the situation.  In the past he's passed over on some guys who weren't "home grown" talent (Vader comes to mind here) or someone he hasn't saddled with an entirely different gimmick (Steve Austin & Mankind)

With epic battles against past WWE champions like Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash, Joe could hold his own with guys like Randy Orton and Kane.  Imagine it now, Joe debuting around the time of the Royal Rumble.  Getting over with the fans and competing in the Money in the Bank match.  Winning that and moving up the ranks as he teases a cash in.  Now that would be awesome.

Of course, this is all in fantasy land.  I anticipate Joe will sign another TNA deal, probably spend another 3 years there.  He'll play second fiddle to Hogan and his cronies.  Oh well, a boy can dream, can't he?

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  1. Until TNA undergoes a complete overhaul, realize they're not the default #2 promotion just because they have TV and PPV deals, and starts actually making stars instead of taking all the E's cast offs, WWE won't have any major acquisitions to make.

    You forgot to include CM Punk in your list of indy guys who've had success lately.